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How To Prevent Tooth Decay in Young Children

Even an infant can get a cavity. If teeth are present, then so is the risk of tooth decay, regardless of the child's age.
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10 Tips for Parents of Picky Eaters of Toddler Age

While there are some parents that may be blessed with children that will eat almost anything, the truth is that the majority of parents will at some point have to deal with a picky eater.
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Breastfeeding as a Vegetarian/Vegan: What You Need to Know

For new mothers, life is anything but easy. From juggling errands and maintaining their health to ensuring their newborns are safe and healthy.
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Colostrum: Your Baby’s First Meal

Nature provides colostrum as a newborn's very first food. It's a type of highly concentrated liquid food containing immune factors and other important nutrients.
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How to Prepare your Older Children for a New Baby

Waiting for the arrival of a new baby is an exciting time for you. However, the same cannot necessarily be said for any older siblings.
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Brushing for Two: How Your Oral Health Affects the Baby

Pregnant women today are not likely to actually lose a tooth for every child they bear, but vigilant oral health care during pregnancy is still very important for both the mother and the child.
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