Seasonal Allergies in Children

It is important to keep in mind what causes their allergies so you can make sure they stay safe and healthy. Here’s what you need to know about seasonal allergies in children!
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Successful Back to School Habits for Children With ADHD or Anxiety

When it comes time to go back to school, a child who struggles with executive functions, or the ability to choose what to do and when, can be stressful. This stress, over time, may lead to anxiety.
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Girl drinking water

Preventing Dehydration in Children

Among the issues that we worry about as parents, our children falling victim to dehydration sometimes get lost in the shuffle.
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Kid rowing a boat

Boating Safety for Kids

Many families are struggling to get back out. Knowing how to stay safe is a key part to keeping this anxiety in check.
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Hiking Safety for Kids

Hiking is a great family activity. Even children as young as four or five can enjoy this natural sport. Before your trip, discuss hiking trail safety with your youngsters. Sometimes, their natural curiosity can lead to dangerous situations, so be sure your kids understand the rules. As a parent, you should also be aware of…
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kid swimming

Summertime Safety Tips for Children

With the warmer months soon in full effect, many parents have begun taking their kids outdoors to explore mother nature’s beauty. And to be perfectly honest, there’s nothing more satisfying than jumping into a pool or lake on a hot and humid day! Although it’s all fun and games when kids are playing with their…
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