We invite you to dive into the heart and soul of Harmony Pediatrics. We are more than just a medical practice—we are a family of caregivers dedicated to your child's well-being. Here, you'll uncover the essence of our approach, our commitment to direct primary care, and the stories that drive us to make a meaningful impact on the lives of your little ones.


We invite you to dive into the heart and soul of Harmony Pediatrics. We are more than just a medical practice—we are a family of caregivers dedicated to your child's well-being. Here, you'll uncover the essence of our approach, our commitment to direct primary care, and the stories that drive us to make a meaningful impact on the lives of your little ones.

Understanding Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is at the core of our practice. It's a revolutionary approach that prioritizes the patient-doctor relationship above all else. With DPC, your child gains access to a dedicated pediatrician who knows them deeply, creating an environment where trust, communication, and personalized care thrive. Gone are the complexities of traditional healthcare—no co-pays, no deductibles, no third-party billing. Instead, your child's well-being is our focus, supported by affordable, transparent costs that ensure they receive the attention they deserve.

Meet our Medical Director

Dr. Chheda

At the helm of Harmony Pediatrics is  Dr. Shefali Chheda, who envisions a healthcare landscape that puts patients first. Our mission is to provide a haven of care where your child is not just treated but understood. With a focus on fostering genuine connections and delivering holistic care, she strives to ensure that your child's health journey is guided by compassion and expertise.

Dr. Chheda is a board-certified pediatrician who serves the residents of Alpharetta, Georgia, and many of the surrounding communities. Born in New York, and raised in Texas, Dr. Chheda received her education in the northeast. Dr. Chheda earned her undergraduate degree at Boston University and her M.D. at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. After graduating from medical school and completing her residency, Dr. Chheda chose to open her practice in Georgia. She is fully licensed and insured to practice pediatric medicine in the state of Georgia.


Along with conventional medical treatments, Dr. Chheda specializes in integrative therapies as well. She firmly believes in the practice of holistic medicine and chooses to offer her patients as many options as possible. The doctor is a firm believer that both types of medicine have a place in maintaining good health. This includes the use of immunizations and vaccinations to prevent serious illnesses from affecting both children and adults. Her approach to the diagnosis and treatment of childhood diseases and health conditions is essential to maintaining optimum health in all ways, including body, mind, and spirit. By providing holistic healthcare early in life, children are better equipped to be resilient physically and mentally.

Dr. Chheda believes in establishing a lifelong rapport with her patients.  She has seen many of her patients from birth until their graduation from high school and college. She has even been invited to many of their weddings. Dr. Chheda treats each of her patients as if they are her own children. She feels that by establishing bonds with her patients and their parents, they will feel more comfortable with her and her staff. It also allows her the opportunity to better understand each of her patient's needs. This gives her an opportunity to provide them with the best healthcare possible on all levels.


We are honored to be
part of your child's health journey

At Harmony Pediatrics, our team is more than just medical professionals—we are dedicated caregivers who genuinely care about your child's health and happiness.  Join us today, and let's create a brighter and healthier future for your little one together.

Why did we choose DPC?


Dr. Chheda's story

Now that her own children have grown and flourished, Dr. Chheda finds herself drawn to a new chapter in her life—one filled with purposeful giving. With a heart full of compassion and a desire to make a meaningful difference, she dedicates her time to providing the kind of care that she would want for her own loved ones. This journey is fueled by a genuine love for children, a deep understanding of their needs, and a commitment to delivering holistic care that empowers their well-being.

In this chapter of Harmony Pediatrics, we invite you to join us on a journey of care, compassion, and community. Your child's health and happiness are our priorities, and together, we create a space where exceptional healthcare and genuine connections flourish.

Our Team

Dr. Mona

Growing up Dr. Megahed always loved children and had an abundance of empathy for everyone around her. Ever since she was a little girl, she would gather young kids around her and mentor them.  Although born and raised in Texas, she takes pride in her Egyptian heritage. Dr. Megahed, or “Dr. Mona” as her patients call her, graduated Summa Cum Laude from Houston Baptist University with a B.S. in Physics and Biology. In 2004 she received her Medical Doctorate from Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Medicine. After graduating medical school, Dr. Mona practiced medicine in several states including Georgia, New Jersey and Texas.

Dr. Mona loves working with children in every capacity. She has a special interest in preventive medicine, obesity management and helping those with developmental delay. She enjoys getting to know her patients and their families well and will take the time needed to establish relationships and bonds that truly make a difference in patient care.



She has three children; twin girls and a son who keep her on her toes. Dr. Mona loves keeping busy and has quite a bit on her plate. She is an active member of the school PTO and is a strong believer in education. She has given professional development classes to school teachers and presentations to students. Some of the topics she has covered include Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Disabilities, Food Allergies, Hygiene, Puberty and Healthy Eating. She has also been working with refugees recently resettled to the United States since 2015 and is intimately involved with Ethaar, an organization that helps families have a seamless transition to life in the US.

She is well-cultured and enjoys traveling. She also enjoys volunteering with her children, reading a good book, taking brisk walks outside and playing the piano. She is bilingual and speaks both English and Arabic fluently. She feels blessed to be part of an amazing team and looks forward to meeting, working with and really getting to know all of the Harmony Pediatrics patients.



Born in Michigan, raised in South Florida. Ms. Courtney developed a love for children and helping others very early in her youth. Ms. Courtney has been a healthcare professional for over 21 years.
Previously she worked in human resources and practice administration before obtaining her clinical degree. She has 15 years of clinical and back-office experience. Ms. Courtney joined Harmony Pediatrics in the Summer of 2015.
She is passionate about serving her patients and their families, providing quality care. Working to create a comfortable safe experience each visit. Ms. Courtney’s clinical interests are children with developmental delays and psychosocial issues.

She calls herself the cheerleader at Harmony. She finds comfort and gratification in helping one smile at a time. In her downtime Ms. Courtney enjoys spending time with her husband and three children in their many sports and activities. Ms. Courtney is an AVID New Orleans Saints Fan! She also enjoys baking, cooking, eating different cuisines and singing. 

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