What to Do With Leftover Candy

Halloween is a fun holiday for kids. Yes, they get excited about costumes, but the candy is what most children look forward to the most. It is okay for children to enjoy candy, every now and then. However, as holistic pediatricians we encourage you to not let your child overdo it. Excess sugar intake has been linked to many health problems.

Excess sugar intake has been linked to cavities. It can also cause nausea. Additionally, candy is devoid of the nutrients that your child needs to stay healthy. Obesity is another health problem that is linked to consuming too much sugar. Some kids get so much candy on Halloween that they are still eating it into the New Year. 

You may be wondering what you should do with the leftover candy. Here are a few ideas for reducing the impact on your child’s health: 

Freeze the Candy

You do not have to get rid of your candy. You can save it for later by putting it in the freezer. It is estimated that candy can last six to 12 months in a freezer.

Donate It

There are many non-profit organizations that accept candy donations. Operation Gratitude is one of the organizations that accepts candy donations. This is an organization that sends candy to first responders and troops who are overseas.

Ronald McDonald House Charity is another organization that accepts Halloween candy. You can find local chapters on the official website. Additionally, you may be able to donate it to a nursing home, school or hospital.

Trade It In For Cash

Many dentists have a Halloween candy buyback program. You can trade in your leftover candy for coupons and cash. You can contact a dentist’s office in your area.

Take it to Work

You can bring the candy to the office or jobsite and share it with your coworkers. Just remember, too much candy is not good for you, either. 

Many of us have fond memories of Halloween night, but we tend to forget the tummy aches and cavities. Let’s encourage our kids to enjoy themselves, but put healthy boundaries around how much candy they ultimately have. From all of us at Harmony Pediatrics, Happy Halloween!