What is a Holistic Pediatrician?

A holistic pediatrician is a type of medical doctor which embraces a philosophy of the whole person. We respect the child as more than just a patient or a problem to be solved. We believe in partnering with families on their wellness journey. Our goal is always to get to the root of an issue and not just treat the symptoms. 

We Trust Medication, But Not for EVERYTHING

Many times the answer is obvious and traditional medicine is the answer. You might be able to meditate your way out of a rash, if you try long enough, but the most logical answer is probably a cream. Holistic pediatricians believe in medication. We also believe it shouldn’t be the first answer for every situation. We don’t give prescriptions for antibiotics every time a patient gets the sniffles. We don’t immediately jump to medication for behavior issues in children. We want to look at the whole person, mind and body, to find the answer, especially in serious situations. 

Mind and Body Working Together

We believe that to have the best health possible, we must decide to make it a priority. We know eating the right foods, getting enough exercise, and regularly getting sunshine are the basics for wellness. However, our mental state sometimes derails our best laid plans. Just as the mind can affect the body, but the body can also affect the mind. If your children are struggling with the basics of wellness, such as resisting going outside or only wanting to eat unhealthy food, this may be a sign they need to come in for a visit. Trouble with mental health can have a physical cause, and vice versa. A breakdown in self-care ability is a signal that it is time for a doctor’s visit. 

We don’t just look at your child as a collection of systems, although our bodies are marvelous that way. Your child is a unique human being. There has never been one like him or her, and there will never be another. To us, your child is special. We strive to give your family the best care possible. That might look a little different than you are used to, but we think that is a good thing.