What Causes Ringing Ears?

Almost everyone has experienced ringing in the ears at some point in their lives. For the most part, people ignore it because it tends to go away on its own. Still, you might wonder why this happens every now and then for some, and is a persistent issue for others. 

What Causes Ringing Ears?

This sensation is called tinnitus, and it is more common than you might imagine. There are many reasons why you or your child may be experiencing it. Here are a few:

       1. Part of the Aging Process

Just like our vision, our hearing tends to diminish over time as a natural part of aging. Once your hearing begins to deteriorate, you may notice your ears ring periodically, along with other issues like having trouble hearing very high, or very low-frequency sounds.

       2. Could be Linked to Loud Noises

Have you or your child been exposed to loud noises. Loud noises can come from various sources like concerts or live sporting events. Exposure to loud machinery or even a vehicle with a loud engine could be the culprits. All of these sounds might be hurting your ears. Even a little too much can be damaging. Do you rock out in the car? You may want to keep that to a minimum, especially when your kids are with you. 

      3. Earwax is Getting Overwhelming

Everyone gets a little earwax, which is good since it keeps dirt and other foreign particles out of your ears. That protection comes at a price though. Every so often, the wax can become lodged in your ears and won’t come out. The extra wax can cause irritation to the eardrum, leading to tinnitus. 

If you are noticing buildup in your child’s ears, give us a call. We can make suggestions for home cleaning or make an appointment to gently remove the buildup from their ears.

      4. Other Health Issues

Tinnitus could also be linked to your respiratory health. Colds and sinus infections can cause ear infections, which can trigger tinnitus. Other reasons you might be experiencing ringing ears:

  • Side effect of medication
  • Neck or head injuries
  • Blood pressure issues
  • Autoimmune issues 

When to Bring Your Child In

If your child is experiencing occasional tinnitus, please mention it at their next checkup. If they are experiencing it every day, please schedule an appointment so we can rule out possible underlying issues. We can then make a referral to an audiologist, if necessary. We are open and taking extra safety precautions.