Top 5 Sun Safety Tips For Your Baby’s Protection

Protecting your child’s fragile skin from the sun’s harmful rays is extremely important as your child’s skin is far more prone and vulnerable to sun damage than yours. Here are 5 safety tips to protect your child’s skin from sun damage:


  • Use loose and comfortable natural fabric in dressing your child. One of the best sun ray defenses that helps filter UV radiation is clothing. Use breathable and natural fibers to cover your child’s skin. For their tiny heads, use hats with wide brims. And you may also want to protect their eyes with sunglasses.


  • Make sure to apply baby-safe mild sunblock everyday. Right from the beginning, make sure to apply a baby-safe gentle sunblock with SPF 30 to protect your child from harmful sun exposure. Apply it on his/her face while avoiding the eyes. Then follow through with the oft-forgotten areas like the back of the ears, neck, forehead, back of knees and the tops of the feet. Do this 20 minutes before going outdoors and reapply every 2 hours.


  • Avoid exposing your child to direct and harsh sunlight. Your child’s skin is very delicate and sensitive when their bare skin is exposed to harsh sunlight. They can easily get sunburn which is not only harmful but also extremely painful for the little angel. Sunlight from 11am to 4pm is the harshest, so schedule your walks before or after that time. And utilize the stroller’s canopy or light muslin sheet to cover him/her.


  • Always keep your child hydrated. Staying hydrated not only keeps your insides healthy, but it also helps keep the skin nourished and healthy.


  • Apply sunblock even on cloudy days. Damaging rays are still making it through the clouds, even if the sunshine isn’t. It is a good habit to make sure your child is protected all the time. 

Nothing beats prevention and a parent’s care, when it comes to skin health. If you see anything that concerns you on your child’s skin or if you have questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call