Swaddling: What You Need to Know

Swaddling is a time-honored method of using a thin cloth or blanket to wrap newborns. It helps your baby sleep soundly and stay calm. As a baby adjusts to the environment out of the womb, a swaddle helps make your baby feel secure and safe.


  • It prevents sleep disturbance by keeping her arms secured which avoids the startle reflex.
  • It helps maintain a steady temperature and keeps your baby warm until his body can adjust to the room temperature.


You have a lot of reasons to use this ancient practice, but it can be intimidating to learn to do it yourself. The goal of swaddling is to keep the arms down by the side so they don’t move. You want to leave the legs free to move. So here is a guide to safe swaddling your baby like a pro:


Step 1: A flat surface is needed
On a flat surface, spread the blanket out in a square shape..


Step 2: Place the baby on the blanket facing up.
The baby’s body should be extended straight down. The baby should be wearing a diaper and onesie. No additional clothes because they can overheat in the swaddle.


Step 3:  Straighten the arms.
Keep the arms down by the side of the body. Wrap over the left side of the blanket over the left arm, chest, and right arm and tuck it under the back. Repeat with the right side of the blanket wrapping the right arm, chest, and left arm and tucking it under the back. Pull this side as tight as you can. The baby will be a burrito!


Step 4: Bring up the bottom.
Bring the bottom up and repeat with the right side covering the body, then the left side covering the body. Pull the last side as tight as possible. You will have a baby burrito with the arms at the side of the baby, but the legs are free to move.


Swaddling can be a great way to help support your baby emotionally. It can give a great sense of security to your little one. We would like to give you a great sense of security by being your pediatrician office. If you are expecting a new family member, please give us a call. As of this writing, we are accepting new patients and would love to partner with you in your family’s health journey.