Free Summer Activities at the Library!

Did you know there is more to the library than just checking out books? Libraries are not just places for reading. They are community centers and places to connect with like-minded people over fun and instructional activities. If your kids are home with you this summer, you may be scratching your head thinking of how to keep them busy. Why not start with the Alpharetta library branch?


Ages 5 and Up


Twice a month, there is a Read with Echo event. You can pick one event a month for your child or children. You reserve a 15-minute slot and the child practices their reading to Echo the Beagle.


Mon, Jun 6, as a part of the Summer Reading Series, they have 20,000 Laughs Under the Sea. Comedian Tommy Johns and his puppets put on a magical show with music and audience participation, all to teach about the importance of reading.


Older Kids and Up


Sat, Jun 25 – Are your kids Marvel fans? Sign up for the Thor marathon. Get ready for the new Love and Thunder by getting all caught up. The marathon starts at 11am and goes to 5:15pm. The event is limited to 100 attendees and tickets are already being snatched up.


Sat, Jul 23 – If Thor isn’t your cup of tea, Captain Jack Sparrow might be more up your alley. Sign up for the Pirates of the Caribbean marathon! Follow the crew and the adventure of the Black Pearl and make some new friends. As with the Thor marathon, registration is required.


Just for the Grownups


Don’t forget to take time for yourself this Summer, too! There are language classes and art classes, not to mention help for your LinkedIn and a writer’s support group. Check out all the adult events.


These were just a sampling of activities. For the full schedule check out the full events page. Libraries perform a wonderful function for our communities and when we visit and participate it helps our local branch continue to provide activities. Have a great Summer vacation!