Childproofing Your Home For Toddlers

According to the CDC, the leading cause of death among young children is unintentional injury. That makes it doubly important to make sure they are safe, especially within the four walls of our home. Good news is, you can prevent a lot of accidents from happening by making your home childproof. Here are some quick tips that you can use:


  • Use Door Knob Cover to Secure Doors of Unsafe Rooms
    • One of the very first steps in making sure your home is childproof is making sure that your child can’t get into unsafe rooms or can’t get out of the house unsupervised. It makes it hard for little hands to get a grip and open doors with a door knob cover.
  • Internal Drawer or Cabinet Locks
    • It might be more difficult to install than a normal external lock but it will save you  a lot of time and avoid accidents because you do not have to always remember to attach it each time you open your drawers or cabinets
  • Lock Your Kitchen  Appliances with a Secure Strap
    • Home appliances already pose a safety hazard. Leaving them unlocked might turn into a few more accidents as children might open ovens and get burned, or the dishwasher and pull out sharp materials.
  • Use A Stair Gate with Extensions
    • A gate prevents your child from falling down the stairs. It should be installed on every staircase in your home both top and bottom.
  • Secure Your Windows
    • Install a window guard or gate that is strong enough to prevent a dangerous fall but can also be opened easily in case of a fire.


Safety is still the best policy when it comes to our little ones. These are just a few ways you can add safety to your home. Click here for a more in-depth guide. Nothing gives a parent security than knowing that their children are safe and well. We would like to give you a great sense of security by being your pediatrician office. If you are expecting a new family member, please give us a call. As of this writing, we are accepting new patients and would love to partner with you in your family’s health journey.