How to Set Up An Efficient Diaper Changing Station

During an infant’s first year, parents often feel like they are on non-ending “diaper duty.” This can be a huge time suck, considering that on average, our little ones can use up to 10-12 diapers daily. Would you believe it if we tell you that there’s an easier and smoother way of doing it? Simply by creating an efficient, and well-organized changing station in your home, you can save quite a bit of time. Here’s how:

    2.Put up more than one diaper changing spots in your home.

Choose a room where you spend most of your time with your baby and make it your main diaper changing station; may it be your master bedroom, nursery, or living room. You might think that it will cost a lot of money, but there is always an alternative to buying an actual changing table. You can repurpose old furniture such as dressers. Carefully plan where you want to designate your other changing areas around the house so that you do not have to waste time going in and out of your main changing station whenever your baby needs to change. This is especially useful if you have a two-story house).

     2. Make sure that your changing area is sturdy, right-sized and has enough storage spaces.

This can be in a form of a pull-out drawer, open shelves, or what you think works best with your setup. If your station is beside a wall, you can place a hanging area for items that you need within arms reach when you are changing your baby. A station that is of a comfortable height is ideal as it avoids back strains. It should also be large and sturdy enough for your child to get enough space to move and wiggle. 

    3. Stock up on these essentials:

    1. Diaper
    2. Changing Covers and Pads
    3. Wipes
    4. Diaper Rash Cream
    5. Baby Powder
    6. Small Towel
    7. Fresh Clothes
    8. Toys
    9. Hand Sanitizer
    10. First Aid
    11. Baby Grooming Essentials
    12. Diaper Trash Can

Always go for things that will add convenience to your daily activities. It will not only save you time, but also energy. Set yourself up for success. No need to spend more time on diaper duty than necessary. Especially when you could be spending that time getting some well needed rest. 

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