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Swaddling: What You Need to Know

Swaddling is a time-honored method of using a thin cloth or blanket to wrap newborns.
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Baby Sleeping

Preventing Winter Diaper Rash

With winter upon us, many parents and guardians have begun wrapping their adorable newborn in layers of clothing to fight off the brisk chill in the air.
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Top Baby Names for 2020

Baby names change along with the times. Although the top two names for girls and boys, Sophia and Liam, held their own in 2020, others have slipped a bit.
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Newborn Baby


As a mom, it’s expected and normal to want the best for your baby. But it can be a lot of pressure to ensure that you are only giving what is best with all the advice and superstitions you hear from people around you.
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Pregnant Belly with Baby Shoes

What To Pack in Your Hospital Bag for Delivery Time

Expecting moms always have this question in mind: What do I pack in case I go into labor?
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baby with band

What is Chicken Pox?

Chickenpox is one of the most common infections occurring among children.
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