Alternatives to Traditional Trick or Treating

With Halloween just a few days away, some parents are looking for alternative methods of taking in the holiday without exposing themselves to potential risks. We’ve written about some tips for safe trick or treating during COVID-19. But, for some who may be immune compromised, or live with vulnerable people in the home, they may want to opt for an alternative form of Halloween celebration. Here are some alternatives for spooky family fun. 

In-House Entertainment

One of the staples of a successful Halloween is ringing on the neighbor’s door and hoping to get delicious candy. For some families, this isn’t an option, but there’s still hope! Instead, you can set up a spooky and adventurous setting inside your home. Craft a haunted house inside a basement or living room. You could hand out candy at each spooky station. This do-it-yourself approach for Halloween will be a memory your kids won’t soon forget!

Candy Outside

Halloween may be a little tricky, but it doesn’t mean the fun is over! Instead of handing out candy, you to place bowls of candy outside along with a bottle of hand sanitizer. When a person visits, they can take a few pieces, clean their hands and be on their way!

Costume Contests

One of the best ways of preventing the spread of COVID is wearing a mask. If you will still be around those from outside your family, a costume with a mask is a great opportunity to be creative. Everyone can dress up and have a contest for best mask. 

Keep the Spooky Memories

We think most kids can safely enjoy trick or treating this year. For some, the risks just aren’t worth it. There is no reason to give up on the celebrations, altogether. We can still make memories that our kids will cherish, if we focus on doing something new and fun, and not on what we are missing out on.