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Holistic Care Specialist

Dr. Shefali Chheda specializes in both pediatrics and offering her patients holistic health care options. She is a board-certified pediatric physician who serves the greater Alpharetta, Georgia, community.


What is Holistic Pediatric Care?

Holistic health care is the practice of treating the entire patient as a whole as opposed to treating the symptoms alone. It also advocates using alternative health care treatment options to elicit a healing response. Massage therapy, herbal remedies, and a nutritionally sound diet are just a few characteristics of a holistic treatment plan. Dr. Chheda Healthcare understands the importance of treating the body, mind, and spirit as a whole. Keeping the mind sharp and the spirits high are just as important as maintaining proper function within the body.

Can Alternative Therapies be Used in Pediatrics?

Alternative therapies are ideal for pediatric healthcare. Infant massage is extremely beneficial in a myriad of ways. Herbal remedies may also be beneficial in providing nutritional support as well as in offering specific benefits. Keeping a child's mood elevated is also very beneficial. Simple activities such as relaxation techniques, listening to music, and playing outside can boost moods in order to increase healthy healing and provide a balanced approach to healthcare.

Are Wellness Checks Included in Holistic Pediatric Care?

Yearly wellness checks are often included as an integral part of any holistic pediatric care plan. Wellness checks provide doctors with an in-depth view as to how the child is developing on all levels, including physically, mentally, and emotionally. The evaluations also show any areas where the child may need some improvement. This can mean a better diet, more exercise, or even counseling if a child shows tendencies of emotional upset, excessive amounts of stress, or poor self-image. Dr. Chheda normally checks for physical and developmental milestones which mark how well a child is progressing. If a child begins to fall short of these milestones, an issue can be addressed immediately before the problem becomes overly severe.


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