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Autistic Burnout

Have you ever felt worn out from an overwhelming day and had a hard time forming coherent sentences? I think we all have experienced this very normal consequence of overtaxing our minds and bodies. This is a temporary language skill loss. We just don’t have the resources to do what we are wanting to do. This happens to people on the autism spectrum, too.
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Is it Time to Go Back Out?

As Georgia begins to re-open after quarantine, there are lots of questions about going out. Unfortunately, there are is no one right answer for everyone, but it might be a good idea to stay at home if: If you have a child with a chronic health condition that may put them at high risk for…
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Is it Time for a Screen Detox?

The Internet has so much to offer us. We have access to endless knowledge, grocery delivery, streaming movies, and online classes. There is so much on offer, though, it can be hard to know when to say when. Screen addiction can creep up on us.
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What You Need to Know About Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome – PIMS

Our concern is the syndrome may affect heart function requiring hospitalization and ICU care. The  majority of children do well with this syndrome but they need special attention and supportive care.  Pediatric Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome is new. We are watching this very carefully and scientists around the world are working hard to understand this syndrome and how best to treat it. 
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The Magical Evening Routine

If you haven’t experienced it yet, you’ve heard of it...bedtime meltdown. It can range from fussiness to hours long stand-offs that comedian Jim Gaffigan once referred to as a “hostage situation in reverse. I’ll give you anything, if you just go back in there!” Once the situation has devolved into bribes and tears, it may be time to embrace a full evening bedtime routine.
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What is a Holistic Pediatrician?

A holistic pediatrician is a type of medical doctor which embraces a philosophy of the whole person. We respect the child as more than just a patient or a problem to be solved. We believe in partnering with families on their wellness journey.
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How to Wear PPE During COVID-19

Over the last few months, as COVID-19 has taken hold of the world, we have heard lots about the use of personal protective equipment, PPE. The use of PPE is easy to get right if you follow a few simple steps to make sure you stay free from contamination during the current pandemic.
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Outside Activities for Social Distancing Kids

We can all agree that physical activity is important for health and wellbeing. However, it is important to encourage kids to follow the recommended guidelines right now to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. Social distancing doesn’t have to mean staying cooped up indoors.
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Parenting Through a Crisis

Like an oxygen mask dropping down in a turbulent airplane, grace must be affixed to yourself first. Children don’t come with a manual, and parenting during a crisis can be incredibly difficult and no one is doing it perfectly. 
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Recipes for Cough, Cold and COVID-19 Season

We hope you are all staying home and staying safe to the best of your abilities. Our hearts and thanks go out to all the other essential business owners and employees keeping everything running. We have a special place in our hearts for those of you holding down the fort at home with your little ones.
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Introducing Virtual Appointments

We are excited to introduce our virtual appointment option. During this time of uncertainty, there are certain types of appointments that don’t require an in-person visit. It is difficult to maintain a safe distance from others in a busy waiting room, so if you have the following situations, virtual is a great option:
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Keeping Calm During Stressful Times

Take a deep breath and count to 10. Exhale. Now, pick a part of your body to try to relax. Breathe in as slowly as you can, while focusing on relaxing that piece of yourself. Exhale through your mouth, again as slowly as you can. Pick another part of your body. Repeat until you are completely relaxed.
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