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Sports Physicals Specialists

Dr. Shefali Chheda is a board-certified pediatrician who specializes in all aspects of childhood medicine, including sports physicals and other types of wellness checks. She serves the residents of Alpharetta, Georgia, and many nearby towns and communities.


What Does a Sports Physical Include?

When a child gets a sports physical, Dr. Chheda looks for many different things. This can include hand/eye coordination, the ability to perform specific tasks, coordination, and physical balance. The doctor will also check the student's overall health. Their heart rate, respiration rate, and how their body responds to various levels of activity will all be monitored. The doctor will also check their muscle tone, skin tone, range of motion, and do other tests to determine if there is any other health problem internally that would prevent them from being physically active. In most cases, the student is given a clean bill of health and sent on their way.

When Should Children Start Getting Physicals for Sports?

Many schools and community-based athletic programs require children to get a physical examination or at least be evaluated by a physician. This ensures that the child is in good health and that they are capable of sustaining a certain level of activity without being injured in any way. Most parents take younger children for yearly physical examinations. For most intramural sports, the results from their yearly physical are enough to allow a child to play. When the child enters middle or high school, the team may require a more extensive physical examination before they will be allowed to suit up and play for the team in a competitive sport.


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